About the Presbytery of Utah

“I have come that you may have life…”
Jesus (John 10:10)

 Our Mission:

The Presbytery of Utah will provide leadership and resources resulting in healthy and growing congregations.

With offices at 699 E. South Temple, Suite 305, in Salt Lake City, the Presbytery of Utah is the administrative hub of 20 PC(USA) congregations spread from St. George, UT to just across the Utah border in Preston, ID. We’re here to nurture churches within our bounds and to coordinate missions. Specifically, we’re involved in organizing, uniting, supporting and dissolving congregations, looking after our ministers, and overseeing women and men preparing for ministry.

The Presbytery is served by 4 part-time paid staff persons - an: Interim Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk, Treasurer and Office Manager.

Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Ruling Elders and members of our congregations serve in rotating terms on the Coordinating Council, Committee on Ministry, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Committee on Nominations and Representation, and the Permanent Judicial Commission.

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