YUP Q1 Not-So-Lonely Lent Event

Well, here we are.  A year later and still in the midst of a pandemic. While none of us would have wished for things to have gone on this way for this long, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be together-apart and celebrate one another all over the state!

For this Q1 event, young people in grades 6-12 all throughout the state of Utah are invited to band together and join Jesus as he journeys to Jerusalem and the inevitability of the cross. Together, we’ll walk with Jesus as he tells stories, performs miracles, and owns the religious elite, while digging into this season called Lent, get our Holy Week, and end by celebrating our risen Lord.

We’ll do this by sending out a small activity package each week that will include a small treat and activity that lines up with the Narrative Lectionary text for the week. And don’t worry, even if a young person signs up after the start of Lent, they can still be involved! We’ll keep registration open throughout the entirety of this holy and somber season so that students can join us whenever they can.

Event Details

Event Date Feb 17, 2021
Event End Date Apr 04, 2021
Registration Start Date Feb 08, 2021
Cut off date Apr 05, 2021

We are no longer accepting registration for this event