Purpose and Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee is a sub-committee of the Council of the Presbytery of Utah. They report to the Coordinating Council as well as report to the Presbytery by submitting a report at the Presbytery meetings. The Nominating Committee is responsible:

  1. To find suitable nominees for the committee work in the Presbytery of Utah.
  2. To explain to the prospective nominees the scope of each committee responsibilities
  3. To present a list of nominees to the Council before the next Presbytery meeting, preferably no later than the Council meeting before the last Presbytery meeting of the year.  

Moderator: RE Linda Duffy -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Members of CNR 

The CNR is made up of a minimum of 6 persons, maximum of 12 persons, to serve in three-year terms in rotating classes.  The Moderator is elected by the Presbytery each year to serve a one-year term.  The membership makeup shall consist of no more than 1/3 Ministers of Word and Sacrament, with the remainder being members of congregations, with diversity reflecting the demographics of the Presbytery as much as possible. 

Class of 2024 

Linda Duffy (RE) 

Jeff Silliman (MWS) 

Class of 2025

Loyda Kyremes (RE)

Ami Nordlund Nashirsvan

2026 will be appointed at the March Council meeting. 

Meeting dates and location:

The CNR meets as needed via Zoom.   

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