Matthew 25

When we welcome others, we welcome Christ; when we bring together people who are divided, we are doing God’s reconciling work. We are called to serve Jesus by contributing to the well-being of the most vulnerable in all societies – rural and urban, small and large, young and not-so-young. From affordable housing to community gardens to equitable educational and employment opportunities to healing from addiction and mental illness to enacting policy change – there is not just one way to be a part of the Matthew 25 movement.

Together with congregations in the Presbytery, the Presbytery of Utah joined the movement to welcome Christ through its action, education, and witness. The Presbytery offers material, education, and other valuable information to encourage our churches to engage in the hard conversation of race, social justice and poverty.

A Matthew 25 church seeks to: Build Congregational Vitality; Dismantle Structural Racism; Eradicate Systemic Poverty



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