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As we serve congregations all over the State of Utah, some of our churches are located in rural places and/or are smaller, yet filled with faithful followers of Christ who spread the love and grace of God in their community.  Some of our small and rural churches have difficulties finding pastors to preach and care for their congregations. The Small Church Working Group (SCWG) understands its mission is to find creative and innovative solutions to help those congregations fill the pulpit and receive pastoral care. Located in some of the most beautiful places in our state, these congregations have a lot to offer. Using their location and their eagerness to embark upon new ways of ministry, the SCWG identified three different ways to serve our small and rural churches.

Preach B&B

Preach B&B

This is a short-term (1 to 2 weeks) commitment for Pastors, CLPs, and anybody who is endorsed by their Presbytery to preach the Word and serve Holy Communion. The churches would offer housing, access to National and State Parks, gift baskets, invitations to dinners, and more (see B&B flyer) as incentives for people to come and spend one or two weeks at their location. In return the pastor will lead worship services and serve Holy Communion as needed during their stay. It is a great opportunity for pastors, CLPs and anybody who loves to preach and vacation (with [or without] their family and friends) in some of Utah's most beautiful places.   

Get Involved

The Small Church Working Group meets as needed via Zoom.  

To become involved in the Small Church Working Group, please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Preach B&B Flyer

R&R Flyer

Pastoral residency application

Pastoral Residency Flyer

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