Purpose and Responsibilities

The Coordinating Council of the Presbytery of Utah shall be the servant of the entire Presbytery by doing strategic planning, supervising, and coordinating all the work of Presbytery, interpreting and educating on the Presbytery's vision and mission priorities, implementing Presbytery's decisions, partnering congregations, and shaping the form of Presbytery meetings. 

The Coordinating Council works on behalf of the Presbytery between stated meetings of the Presbytery of Utah to act upon matters. 

Chair: RE Dave Patten -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Members of Council

This 12-person committee is made up of 6 moderators and 6 at-large members.  Moderators include the Moderator of the Coordinating Council [usually the previous year’s Moderator of Presbytery], the Moderator and Vice Moderator of Presbytery, and the Moderators of COM, CoPM and CNR. The at-large members are elected by the Presbytery for 3-year terms. Ex-Officio Staff present in Council Meetings are the Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk, and Treasurer. 

Members by Position 

Dave Patten (RE) – Moderator of Council  

Derek Forbes (MWS) – Moderator of Presbytery 

Bobbie Ramer (RE) – Vice Moderator of Presbytery 

Ralph Clingan (MWS) – Moderator of COM 

Linda Duffy (RE) – Moderator of CNR 

Nathan Sauter (MWS) – Moderator of CoPM

Class of 2024

David Keene (RE)

Hansen Wendlandt (MWS)

Class of 2025

Loyda Kyremes (RE)

Robyn Eddy (MWS)

Class of 2026

Lonnie Baskett (RE)

Jeff Silliman (MWS)

Meeting dates and location: 

The Presbytery of Utah has three stated Presbytery Meetings. Council meets at 9:00am both 3-4 weeks before and 3-4 weeks after each Presbytery meeting. Meetings prior to a Presbytery meeting are hybrid: in-person at the Presbytery Office or via Zoom.  Meetings after a Presbytery meeting are virtual only via Zoom.

Council Resources

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