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Tim Fluetsch is the Treasurer of the Presbytery of Utah. He and his spouse of over 40 years, Dorothy, have three grown (if not fully mature) sons and the world’s-most-wonderful granddaughter.  Tim and Dorothy grew up in the Central Valley of California, went to college in Berkeley and subsequently lived in the Philadelphia and Boston areas before moving to Utah in the late 1990s. Tim graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 

Tim is working on becoming a complete Renaissance Man. He wears a long robe, slippers, and stockings all day, worries about the Plague, and complains about Erasmus’s too liberal tendencies. 

Tim doubles as the Treasurer of Children of Peace International, which builds and supports orphanages and schools for the children of Vietnam and works with local Vietnamese to assist the most vulnerable populations of Vietnam. 

Tim is also an affordable housing developer, specializing in the preservation of older low-income properties. 

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